Conscious Fashion

Aiming for a more ethical and conscious yet fashionable environment

Conscious fashion

We aim for a more ethical and conscious yet fashionable environment. Every brand partner we work with contributes to our mission of extending the life-cycle of countless beautiful pieces as much as possible. We want to emphasize the brands that help to improve the industry by the way they produce their products.
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Our Conscious label

We added a Conscious label to a selection of brands that are available on our platform. The brands within our Conscious label are meeting at least one of the attributes of either human, animal, or environmental welfare. An independent certification or standard backs every attribute of our Conscious label. View certifications

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We want to celebrate the brands that are investing in creating a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. And we would like to give you a chance to honor them with us. With the Conscious label, we highlight environmentally friendly brands and help our customers to select consciously produced items.
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